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Custom Socks for baseball and softball

Posted by Awesome Sports on 1/15/2018 to Baseball Apparel

Custom Knee High socks with Text

Knee high socks are a must with baseball and softball team uniforms. Traditionally they are plain knee high socks in your team colors.  Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with those socks, in fact, Awesome Sports offers solid tube socks and solid heel/toe socks in a variety of colors.

What if those plain socks had your team name on them? Well we have that in our custom sock area. 

Need just text?  Visit our custom knee high style # PC100T. The text on these custom socks are 1/2" vertical letters placed on both sides and can fit up to 13 letters! 

Need less text?  Lets say just initials "WHS" for your high school.  Visit our custom knee high style  # PC100TLAR.  The text on  these custom socks are 1 " letters.

Want to add more color? Visit our custom knee high style # 2002TCS to fit your taste. 

Want more words?  No problem! See  style # 2024TO2 and # PC100TOUT2 with horizontal text and vertical text or item # 2023TX with two words vertical side by side.

Now that you can't stop thinking about socks with text how about adding in some pizzazz on those socks.  We can add in a baseball / softball to the upper left and lower right of your team name, see style # 2005TIM-2 or to the bottom of the text in style # 2TXSB

If you don't want a softball and say your team name was "cougars" you would love style  # 2010TOIM with a paw print instead. Or perhaps a item # PC100TAN with stars for your team "superstars".

If text isn't enough and you have a logo or graphic,  you can add those to our custom logo socks.  We offer Pearsox Brand, Twin City Brand and Profeet Brand.   Twin City has a  digi camo design with your logo on the front your custom sock.  Why not try Twin City's Perimeter socks or Profeet logo socks with stripes.

We have  a lot to chose from including socks that look like the Nike Elite socks such as Twin City Baseline, Pearsox Bolt , and Profeet item # PF232. Graphics are knitted into the socks so if you have a very detailed logo please email Awesome Sports your logo first.

Custom Stirrup Socks

Last but not least if you are playing baseball and softball you are familiar with stirrup socks. Awesome Sports offers traditional stirrups that can be customized in your team colors. Twin City Knitting has a few striped styles like Style C and Style I. They also have a solid custom stirrup where you can then wear a plain white  sanitary sock underneath or a fun and bright color such as hot pink or teal.

Many teams especially little leagues enjoy the look of Stirrup socks but not the hassle of properly wearing the two socks. These teams LOVE the Custom All In One Socks. Offered in the same striping styles as traditional stirrups along with options to place text on the sock.

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