Price Match

Do we price match?

If you compare our prices with other retailers, you'll find that our prices are usually the lowest.  However, in the chance that you do find a product for less and would like to see if we can match it, just email us the url or website where you found a lower prices.  You can e-mail your request to:  Awesome Sports Price Match for a price match request.

The item price match does not apply to closeout sales.   We will try our best to price match however, requesting a price match does not guarantee we can match the price.


We will not price match on past orders nor will we price match on an order you just placed. You must first e-mail us with the information below. Once we do our research and then will contact you to let you know if we can or can not match the price. At that time you can choose to place your order with us.

  Also include the following information in your e-mail request:
• Item # and description
• Color, size, and quantity you will be ordering (have your complete order ready)
• Competitor’s website url or links to the items and their listed price (we do not honor ads when the actual price cannot be determine or closeout/clearance prices)
• Your best contact information

Click on the link to email your request to: Awesome Sports Price Match
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