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Baseball Pants

Posted by Awesome Sports on 1/17/2018 to Baseball Apparel

Baseball Pants

Awesome Sports offers a large selection of baseball pants. Our pants are split into several sub-categories that we are going to discuss.

Solid Color Baseball Pants

Solid color baseball pants come in a few colors and have no other color or design on the pant. Popular colors you will find are black, white, graphite, and silver. We offer several styles such as the Teamwork Leadoff  Baseball Pants and Champro Classic baseball pants.  Teamwork's 14 oz. baseball pant you will discover hard to find colors in maroon, purple, navy, scarlet.

Baseball Pants with Piping

Baseball pants with piping  are similar to the solid baseball pants only they now have a pinstripe on the outer side of the legs. You may also see the word "braided" in the title. The words piping, piped, and braided are all the same.  Some samples of our baseball pants that have "braid" is  item # 7296 Badger Big League pants and Holloway's piped backstop baseball pants which are white with a contrasting thin stripe on the outer legs. Looking for graphite with florescent green pinstripe.  Teamwork's 13 oz. pitchout pant comes in that color option. These piped pants are great to show off a team color without really making a statement.

Pinstripe baseball pants

This look is traditional and timeless. If you LOVE the braided pants and I mean really LOVE them you may be interested in the pinstripe pants. These pants have vertical stripes ALL OVER. We offer this style pant in the Champro Triple Crown # BPPIN and the Teamwork pants # 3259. 

Baseball pants with side design 

These pants are not a one color pant. They are two and even three colors. The colors are all in the outer sides of the legs and make a statement. These baseball pants that are anything but traditional.  For example, the Augusta Line drive pant is three colors with the main color being white, graphite, or silver and the side stripes having two additional colors such as red and black. Item # BP92U Triple Crown by Champro has two colors but unlike the Triple Crown with piping, item # BP91U,  this pant has a redesigned geometric side insert AND contrast color piping!

Pull Up Baseball Pants

You don't have to worry about the hassle of buttons and zipper with these pants. They are great for little kids and also perfect for special need leagues such as "Miracle League". They have an elastic wait for easy pull up. Some pants you see in this category such as Teamwork item # 3214 only comes in Youth. Others such as Champro Performer # BPA comes in both youth and adult. Item # BP1Y Champro looper gives the illusion of a traditional pant because even comes with belt loops. 

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