Closeout Red Lion Tie Dye Compression Socks

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Closeout Red Lion Tie Dye Compression Socks
Compression Socks
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Red Lion has introduced a new line of compression socks constructed with many advanced features including:  anatomically shaped left/right foot, turned welt top, graduated compression, strategically padded sole areas, in toe and heel.  These socks provide the perfect level of compression to help energize legs and improve endurance, before during and after all athletic activities. Made in USA

Putting these socks on for the first time feels a little different.  Because of the strong compression, the socks need to be "worked" a little to get them on to the foot and then up the leg.  This is normal for compression socks.  Once they are on, the compression sensation is immediate, very comfortable and quite easy to get use to.

***Due to the unique Tie dying process each sock has its own free flow pattern.  Colors on each pair of socks have their own unique design and appearance and will not look exactly like the pictures shown on the site.  Photos are for example purposes only.  Dye lots vary in the tie dye process, some lots are darker than other lots, some bleed more into the white, for example to make a green sock, you need blue and yellow, some bleeding may be a small amount of the shade of blue or teal.  Red tie dyes tend to have some bleed turning to a light shade of pink.  We CANNOT guarantee that your socks will look exactly like what is shown in our pictures nor can we guarantee that all your socks will look exactly alike. We sell thousands of these socks with few returns. If you do not like the way the dying process looks you can always return the socks, however, like all orders, you are responsible for shipping costs to return the item(s). Please see our return policy for details.

Red Lion Tie Dye Compression Socks
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