Price Match

Awesome Sports constantly searches for the lowest prices. If you compare our prices with other retailers, you'll find that our prices are usually the lowest. However, in the chance that you do find a product for less and would like to see if we can match it below is how you can price match.

Our Price Match Policy
  1. Go to our site to complete an order for the item(s) you want. When you get to the payment portion of the order form select "School/Club check".  This way you do not have pay.
  2. In the comment section, please give us the site you want us to price match.
We will review your request. If we can match the price, we will send you a price match invoice to pay.  If we can not match the price we will let you know by e-mail.

  1.  This policy applies only to online website prices advertised in the U.S.
  2.  We will not price match on past orders nor will we price match on an order you just placed. You must first request a price match.
  3.  Awesome Sports will do its best to price match any competitor, but reserves the right to decline the price match if the competitor price is unusually low
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