Twin City Custom Stirrup (Full Sock) - Style G

Item Number :BPX-G
Twin City Custom Stirrup (Full Sock) - Style G
Picture shown is a large sock. The stripe size does not change when ordering smalls or mediums. You will not get this exact appearance on small socks and mediums due to the length of the top portion of the sock.
As low as $7.85 a pair

Stirrup Length
Production time Available
Ships in 3-4 weeks after approval is signed
Bottom of Stirrup Color
Top of the Stirrup Color
Stripe Color
Sizes (Minimum 12 per size) help
Quantity Pricing shown below. The more you order the cheaper it gets!
Quantity Ordered
  • 12 - 23
  • $8.25
  • 24+
  • $7.85
Twin City Full Sock Custom Stirrup Socks (Pattern G)
Twin City full sock custom stirrup sock enables you to have a traditional baseball striping pattern knit into the actual sock, allowing you to eliminate the need of buying and wearing a second sanitary under/lining sock.  Heel/Toe construction with arch and ankle zones to help reduce fatigue. Made of 83% polypropylene, 6% nylon, 10% elastic, 1% spandex

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