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Custom Twin City Socks with Stripes

Posted by Awesome Sports on 1/19/2018 to New Items!

Custom Twin City Socks with Stripes

Baseball and softball players love socks with stripes and we have them! New for 2018 is Twin City Diamond Builder knee high socks. These socks take the popular stock and custom stirrup socks to a new level by adding in a logo area. Let's take a look at a few of the new designs.

These baseball socks provide the look of traditional stirrup socks without the hassle of two socks. Also known as Two In One socks as you will see on item # PF887 Profeet. In previous softball seasons you were only able to buy these All In One socks with text  as shown on # PCALLIN Pearsox and a few stripe options like Twin City Full Sock style B. We now have many more stripe options and even better you can add a logo to your stirrup socks! New All-In One stripe options include Style 09 and Style 11 . These styles also have a logo version to add a graphic to your socks, see here style 09 and style 11.

Custom knee high socks with Stripes and logos

Just like the baseball stirrups Twin City Knitting now has new styles of their striped knee high socks. These socks can be custom made in your team colors. You can even add a logo as shown on item #  LDBO-04 . Most of the styles you find on Twin City All-In One striped socks also have a full sock version. Example, Style 02 and Style 10 are the same stripe pattern. The only difference is one is an all in one and one is a full over the calf sock.

Baseball and softball players are not the only ones who love striped knee high socks. We have many football teams enjoy these socks as part of their team uniforms. Now with the added personalization of a graphic or logo, we suspect they will become more popular for fundraisers and school spiritwear.

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